Are you self-employed or have you just started your business?

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In half a day you will acquire a solid foundation and learn how to prevent damaging mistakes.

Acquire a solid foundation for better decision-making.

Our workshops combine theory, pragmatism and exchange of knowledge.
This will help you improve your financial situation and reduce the risk of failure.
You will learn techniques that will be useful to you throughout your entrepreneurial journey: for both your current and future projects.

Much more than just the basics

Of course you will learn the basics, which are often poorly mastered, but you will also learn how to make a clear link between finance, marketing, developing your value proposition and the commercial aspects of your business. In short, we will do much more than talk about price.

Value for money

Learn the essentials of value-based pricing: the approach that allows you to set your prices based on the perceived value and price sensitivity of your customers.There is indeed another approach than pricing based on costs or competition alone.


Be inspired by stories of prices that have made some companies successful and discover how some companies have paid the price for making the mistake...of setting the wrong price.Discuss with other participants to share good practices and find out what mistakes others may have made to avoid making them.

Who are they for?

Our workshops are designed for the self-employed, the entrepreneur or company in the start-up phase. We know that your time is precious and that you want to learn as much as possible in a short period of time.

You want pragmatism, you want concrete learnings for your business.
With these workshops, we have done everything possible to impact your business positively, fast.

For starters

Are you about to start a new business and don't know where to start with your pricing strategy?

Avoid classic pricing mistakes that can jeopardize your business venture. In this workshop, you will learn how to get started, which processes to put in place, how to collect the right data and how to make the right decisions based on your objectives.

This workshop will allow you to fine-tune the pricing part of your financial plan and better assess the viability of your project.

For start-ups

You are developing an innovative solution and there is nothing comparable on the market?

With this workshop, you will learn how to set prices when there’s no direct competition and you don't have customers yet. You will avoid the classic mistakes start-ups make and learn how to improve your pricing model to achieve your goals. Thanks to our workshops you could monetize earlier than expected or you will realize very early that your project is not viable.

This workshop will allow you to fine-tune the pricing part of your financial plan before you go looking for funds from banks or investors.

For freelancers

Ever since you started, you've been wondering if your prices are right. Determining your prices is hard.

In this workshop, you will learn how to improve your pricing. You will play with different pricing models and learn the impact they have on your finances and work-life balance. What if you discovered that you can earn more by working less or that you can stop charging by the hour or by the day?

“The workshop was very rewarding. It gave me valuable information and helped me to establish a long-term pricing strategy.”


Freelancers and entrepreneurs have participated in our workshops.

“Thanks to Pricing Pact we were able to work on different pricing models and came up with a clear plan to test certain assumptions in the market."
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have made this usually very complex subject accessible to all types of entrepreneurs.

I don't have a marketing and finance background

No prerequisites: there is no need to be a marketing or finance expert to attend our workshops. No need to be comfortable with numbers either.

Over the years, we have developed learning techniques to make this subject accessible to everyone despite its complexity. With our digital tools, you no longer need to do complex calculations. Our experts take a pedagogical approach and rely on a library of concrete examples that will speak to you.

I don't have clients yet

That's all right. You do well to think about your prices before you put them on display.

With our workshops, you'll start off on the right foot. You will learn how to set your prices without falling into some classic pitfalls such as starting to sell or giving away for free and staying locked in this preliminary model which can be dangerous for your long-term ambitions.

I sell products

Our expertise will help you to build and improve the prices of your products, whether they are food or non-food.

We will be able to help you calculate the cost price of your products, which is essential information to ensure profitability. We will teach you to consider all costs and not to make a mistake that could be harmful to your business. But you will also learn how to compare the price of your products with those of the competition. Especially if you have many products in common with the competition. On top of that, you will learn how to measure what your customers would be willing to pay for your products, avoiding pricing on costs. You may be surprised: you may find that you can increase your prices without losing sales volume or you may find that it makes more sense to lower your prices to convince more customers and increase your revenue.

I sell services

Setting the price for a service is not an easy thing to do as it is intangible. We will help you to build and improve your prices.

The key may lie in the approach: learn how to best defend the value of your services in order to better defend your prices. You will learn to understand how your customers value your services. Moreover, you will discover whether you have room to improve your prices. If you are used to charging by the hour or by the day, you will be able simulate profitability and learn how to differentiate your pricing to improve turnover.

I sell software or apps

As with services, pricing software or apps is not an easy task as it is an intangible. We will help you build and improve your prices.

You will learn to understand what your customers value and what they are willing to pay for your solution. You will learn how to make price changes if necessary and display them appropriately.

I sell to individuals

There’s a myriad of ways on how individuals take buy-decisions.

In this workshop you learn how to better understand your customers' reasoning, find out which customers are potentially willing to pay more and which customers complain about your prices.

I sell to professionals

Selling to professionals has a certain complexity.

At the end of the day, when you talk to a company, you're talking to people who have a certain sensitivity, buying habits and constraints. Learn how to improve your pricing by better understanding the decision-makers.

Where and when are the workshops held?

We have 3 formats.

1. Online: register and you will be informed of the next dates. We group similar profiles together in the same workshop to encourage discussion.

2. At our partners’ premises: if you are part of an incubator or accelerator, you can ask the organisation to contact us. If they wish, our coaches will be able to come and lead the workshop. We can also organize workshops online.

3. At our offices: 1x/quarter we organize 3 workshops (1 for freelancer, 1 for starter and 1 for start-up) in our offices located in Brussels, in the centre of Europe. This is the opportunity to meet us.

Contact us to find out when the next one will take place.

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