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Why did we develop Priceit?

Are you going crazy over what constitutes a "fair price" ?
Do you have difficulties to compose satisfactory pricing models in Excel files or other software?
Do you have different opinions within your company about your pricing strategy and are you having trouble getting organized?
Are you wondering how to communicate your prices intelligently?You're in luck!

Our mission is to make the pricing puzzle fun to solve.

Through Priceit we have developed a set of digital tools, easy to use by anyone involved in pricing strategies and willing to put the customer at the center of the equation.

Pricing becomes more accessible than ever with Priceit.

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What stage of development are you in?

Priceit adapts to all phases:

Introductory pricing

If you are launching your business in a market already occupied by similar stakeholders, it is natural that you wonder about your price positioning.
We understand that there may be a multitude of possibilities and that you don't want to make start-up mistakes that would penalize the development of this business in the long term.

With Priceit, you will ask yourself the right questions and make the right decisions from the beginning.

Price for innovation

Are you launching an innovative product, service or software? So innovative that there are few (or no) competitors or alternatives?

Turn your customers' lack of reference to price into a real strength to establish your strategy. It will be up to you to set prices that will allow you to reach your objectives in the short and medium term.

Whether you are developing a startup or involved in the R&D department of a company, Priceit will save you a lot of time in finding the right pricing model. Our toolbox will allow you to avoid startup mistakes that would penalize the evolution of your project.

Changes in price

You already have tens, hundreds or even thousands of customers. That's great!
- you may have the impression that your prices are not good (either too high, not high enough, or both)?
- Your offer and your market are evolving and you think it might be time to review the way you set your prices in order to reach the financial results or the market share you are looking for?

Priceit will allow you to explore new directions and estimate the financial impacts that your price changes could cause.

The benefits

Be more efficient, quickly.

No need to rebuild models in Excel or do endless research on Google. Priceit and our services are the result of 10 years of experience.

Save a lot of time

Priceit and our coaching service will allow you to be 3 to 10x faster in finding the right model and pricing strategy.
For start-ups, the chances of success will be significantly increased.
Your sales team or customer-facing staff will now be able to configure mastered and adapted offers in record time.

Gain visibility and peace of mind

Pricing decisions are high responsibility decisions that require visibility into the implications and impacts of the decision.

With Priceit, the people involved explore and compare multitudes of possibilities with more ease and serenity. You'll leave less room for chance and quickly correct any mistakes.

Our pricing diagnostic will help you to target your strengths to put value at the center of your reflections and, above all, will point out the errors or blunders that you may have made in terms of pricing.

You will then be guided by a concise action plan to improve your performance and the relevance of your offers.

Better align stakeholders

Pricing is a team effort, but it's not always easy to orchestrate a group's efforts, and differences of opinion can lead to damaging status-quos.
Priceit makes it easy for your team to collaborate, so you can get the most out of it.
Priceit will also allow you to better collaborate with people outside your company (some of your customers or investors for example).

Better business and financial performance

A pricing strategy should always be based on clear growth objectives: market share, revenue and profitability.
With Priceit, you will make better decisions to reach your goals.Your sales team or the people in direct contact with your customers will now be able to configure mastered and adapted offers more quickly.

Priceit's flagship tools

Find the tools you need

Here's a selection of what some of Priceit's tools can do for you.

Build smarter offers made up of packages.

Do you sell packages or menus? As a subscription or as a single purchase? Based on the elements of your offer, the possible combinations can be counted in hundreds or even thousands. So how do you make the right choices?
This tool will allow you to better build your offers :

  • Decide more easily on the number of packages you need
  • Build your packages with your customers' perceived value in mind and better distinguish between what should be included or a la carte.
  • Better choose their prices and metrics (e.g : /user, /month).
  • Easily set up and combine different discount rules (e.g : based on volume or length of commitment).
  • Explore and compare dozens of configuration possibilities.
  • Combine multiple pricing models (perfect for hybrid models).
  • Communicate your offers more easily with your customers (publicly or not, giving them the ability to dynamically play with your offer and better compare different options).

Measure and analyze the price sensitivity of your (potential) customers.

Are you wondering if your prices are too high or too low?This is one of the questions we are often asked and we respond with : "the answer is in your customers' heads !"In the case of low competitive intensity, it is essential to be able to measure the price sensitivity of your potential customers.
This can be very complex but thanks to this tool :

  • You will understand how possible this is for you.
  • You will receive tips on how to measure the price sensitivity of your customers.
  • You will receive sample questionnaires.
  • You will be able to obtain volume, revenue and profit potential curves as a function of price.
  • You will be able to make comparative analyses between several customer segments.
  • You will be able to compare different price possibilities with a better awareness of the impacts.

Estimate the financial impact of the pricing strategies you are considering.

The profit equation is seemingly simple (profit = revenue - costs). However, revenue is the result of the prices you charge and the volume sold for each of those prices.

  • For most companies, there are many price points (and sometimes different metrics) so thinking about the impact of price changes on revenue and profit can be very complex.
  • For start-up projects, creating a realistic financial plan that takes into account the prices at which customers might buy can be a real headache.

A set of modeling tools will :

  • Make it easier to understand the financial equation that governs your business.
  • Allow you to play with a spectrum of price and sales volume change scenarios to better see the financial impacts that these changes could have in the short or long term.

Achieve a balance between value and price to satisfy your customers.

One of the most powerful approaches to pricing is to establish a price based on the perceived value of customers.

This may look easy on paper but it can be very complex in practice. Especially when there are different types of customers or when the offer is not yet clear or even when the offer is complex or not tangible (service or software).

A set of tools will allow you to :

  • assess the value perceived by your customers
  • put it in perspective with their price sensitivity.

Finding the right value-price balance for your customers will allow you to improve your marketing and sales efforts, but also your value proposition: you will sell faster and you will be sure to satisfy your customers continuously.

Establish rules for price reductions and discounts.

You differentiate your prices based on :

  • purchase volume (the more your customers buy, the less they pay per unit)
  • or on the duration of the commitment (in case of subscription)
  • or payment method?
  • or other elements?

This is often a good idea, but it is also often a source of significant profit loss. We have observed too many mistakes that we can no longer let pass.
This tool will allow you to avoid classic mistakes by exploring different strategies and by being more precise on :

  • the levels
  • the amplitude of your discounts
  • the combination of several discounts
  • how to communicate these rules with your customers

Need a helping hand from our experts?

If your team has some shortcomings in dealing with the complex task of implementing value-based pricing, our team of experts will be happy to support you through coaching workshops or by doing specific custom work.

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