Find the optimal price point for your business

Uncover hidden insights from your customers with the
Price Sensitivity Analysis tools (PSA).  
Visualize how your customers would react to price changes. 
See in real-time how it would affect your sales volume, your revenues 
and your profit.

Optimize your pricing

Used by finance and executive teams in growing businesses

How it works

Optimize your pricing with data-informed decisions

Measure and visualize the price sensitivity of your customers.

Are your prices too high or too low?
Let’s stop guessing.

Leverage your customers’ price sensitivity data to visualize
in real time how a price variation would impact your business.

Find the optimal pricing strategy for your business goals

Run comparative analysis among your customer segments and 
see in real time how they would behave if your price changed. 
Should you optimize for volume, revenue or profit ?
Easily determine the pricing strategy that aligns with your 
business goals.

How it works ?

Query your customers

There’s no secret, you’ll have to query your customers.
the good part: we provide you with ’ll give you tips and sample questionnaires. 
As of 40 answers, volume, revenue and profit potential curves
will populate your PSA.

Visualize and analyze

your customers’ price sensitivity in real time

Run simulations and compare

your volume/revenue/profit data to determine 
the optimal pricing for your business.