Personalize your offers effortlessly

Close more deals with the Package Builder tools (PB).
Enable your sales teams to sell more and faster by sending personalized and
customizable offers to their lead customers.

Send smart offers

Used by sales teams in growing businesses

How it works

Optimize your pricing with data-informed decisions

Make your pack offering personalized and customizable

Do you have multiple options in your offering ? 
If so, it’s likely that there are hunderds of possibilities.

Configure smart and adaptative plans that enable
your customers to pick and chose the right plan and 
options for them.

Sell more and close faster with customizable online offerings

Configure the pricing rules directly in the Package builder tool
with an easy to use interface. 
No coding and no excel formulas required.    

Your leads can adjust their offer dynamically on an online page. 
No back and forth with the sales team required anymore.

Maximize the perceived value of your product and 
increase your conversion rate

How it works ?


Create the structure of your packs and your pricing rules


Customize the personalization-level of each pack. 
Chose which parts of the packs are editable by the customers and which are fixed.


Send your offers via online pages.
These will be editable by your customers based on the rules that you have set.
Cut back and forth dsicussions. It’s all in your customers’ hand.