Our mission : to help start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs.

Priceit is composed of a set of tools that meet the needs of a wide variety of companies.

What stage of development are you in?

Priceit adapts to all phases:

Introductory pricing

If you are launching your business in a market already occupied by similar stakeholders, it is natural that you wonder about your price positioning.
We understand that there may be a multitude of possibilities and that you don't want to make start-up mistakes that would penalize the development of this business in the long term.

With Priceit, you will ask yourself the right questions and make the right decisions from the beginning.

Price for innovation

Are you launching an innovative product, service or software? So innovative that there are few (or no) competitors or alternatives?

Turn your customers' lack of reference to price into a real strength to establish your strategy. It will be up to you to set prices that will allow you to reach your objectives in the short and medium term.

Whether you are developing a startup or involved in the R&D department of a company, Priceit will save you a lot of time in finding the right pricing model. Our toolbox will allow you to avoid startup mistakes that would penalize the evolution of your project.

Changes in price

You already have tens, hundreds or even thousands of customers. That's great!
- you may have the impression that your prices are not good (either too high, not high enough, or both)?
- Your offer and your market are evolving and you think it might be time to review the way you set your prices in order to reach the financial results or the market share you are looking for?

Priceit will allow you to explore new directions and estimate the financial impacts that your price changes could cause.

What is the profile of your customers ?

Priceit's tools are suitable for both B2B and B2C.

What do you sell?

Use Priceit for your "products", whatever they are.

Software / Saas / App

Pricing an "object" as intangible as a software, a saas or an app can be a real headache.

For softwares or Saas, the pricing model can quickly include many elements: a number of packages, elements sold separately, unit metrics (price per user or per workspace for example) and time metrics (price per month or per year), discount rules (based on the number or duration of commitment), a paid version or a trial period...

You have to think about both the acquisition phase of your customers who have to see clearly in your offer and the upgrade phase.
Priceit includes several tools that will allow you to explore more quickly and efficiently many possibilities and to better communicate your prices to your customers.

Priceit will bring you structure to refine your product roadmap.


If you sell products (edible or not, as a manufacturer or reseller), the profitability of your business will strongly depend on the unit margin of your products.

Priceit will allow you to better think about your products' reference prices and your discounting strategy by taking into account their unit costs but also their fixed costs.

In some contexts, you will be able to measure the price sensitivity of your customers to fine-tune your strategy. You can also work on the prices of packs or menus that include several products.


This is one of the most classic and widespread models, yet it is often not well understood. Billing by the hour or by the day can be simple and complicated at the same time.

If you are a freelancer, a consulting firm, a law firm, an accountant or any other type of service provider, Priceit will allow you to review your pricing scheme and explore ways to improve it.

If you want to change your revenue model (no longer charging by the hour for example) Priceit will allow you to create package models that are attractive to your clients and beneficial to your business.

Who would use Priceit?

Tools that enhance collaboration between all of those involved in the pricing process.


With your helicopter view and the responsibility of leading a company, you are probably required to validate (or not) the pricing strategies proposed by your teams.
If you have shareholders, you will sooner or later have to discuss it with them and get their approval.

Priceit will allow you to think about your pricing strategy in a collaborative way with people inside and outside your company and to align the efforts of your teams. You will gain visibility and confidence in your decisions.

Sales team

Sales people have the heavy responsibility of defending the value of your offer and your prices. They must sometimes enter into a negotiation game with starting prices and discount rules.

Poorly trained or equipped, they can penalize the company's profitability even if they are contributors to the turnover.In most cases, sales representatives are responsible for implementing recommendations made by other people in the company, but in some cases they also have the responsibility of setting prices.

With Priceit, get sales people directly involved in pricing considerations and give them the tools so they can be as well-equipped as possible to defend the value and prices you offer to your customers.

The objective of Priceit is double because your sales people will also be able to bring back, in a more regular and structured way, information on the perceived value and the price sensitivity of your customers.

Marketing team

One of the responsibilities of the marketing team is to understand precisely the customers' expectations.

With Priceit, marketers will be able to better measure the perceived value and price sensitivity of your customers. They will then be able to improve the marketing strategy (choice of target customer segments, choice of value elements to better highlight in the communication, choice of price elements to highlight). They will communicate their "discoveries" to the team in charge of developing offers in a more relevant way and will also improve their exchanges with the sales team.

Finance Team

Although the profit equation is seemingly simple, financiers know how complex it can be to put a company's financial equation together.

Yet this modeling step is crucial to play with different pricing strategy scenarios. Priceit allows you to fine-tune your business model with a high granularity of prices, allowing you to scenarioize price changes.

You will refine your financial plans and improve your exchanges with the CEO and the sales team in order to position the necessary guardrails that will ensure revenue or profit growth (if that is the objective).

R&D team

If you are involved in the development of new products or in the improvement of the offer, you may also be concerned by the reflections that revolve around the price of this new product.

With Priceit, your company will better master the value-based pricing approach which consists in starting from the perceived value and price sensitivity of customers in order to put a price on an offer.

By improving your knowledge of this approach, you will make better R&D and prioritization choices. You will therefore spend less and you will manage to monetize faster than you thought or, on the contrary, to observe the non-viability of a project.

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