Prices... a love-hate relationship

SaaS companies have the advantage of a very important predictability due to the recurring aspect of their business model.

However, they all have the same fear when it comes to changing their offers or prices. It can be a nightmare, and the idea of going through colossal changes causes paralysis, which ultimately leads to a loss of revenue potential that can be considerable.

If this sounds familiar, you've come to the right place!

Under pressure?

You combine several of these evolutions:

Your solution and services are changing

Your products have evolved (and will continue to evolve) with the development of new features and perhaps the discontinuation of some.

Your prospects and customers are increasingly different

You have more and more clients and they have different expectations, sensibilities and budgets.

Your competition is evolving

You are increasingly under pressure from your competitors.

Your costs are increasing

The increasing of your costs puts your financial stability at higher risk.

What if we helped you solve one of your most persistent brain twisters?

Targeted impacts

  • Decrease your CAC
  • Increase your average price
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Increase your ARR
  • Increase of your CLV
  • Decrease your churn
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Offer 1

Improving your offer packaging and your pricing.

Whatever your approach, our experts will rethink your offer packaging and pricing in line with your acquisition, retention and upgrade objectives, as well as your acquisition cost reduction.

We differentiate 3 types of approaches of value packaging :

  • "à la carte": those that offer a very (sometimes too) great modularity.
  • Packages: those that offer packages (basic, standard, premium)
  • "All-In": those that offer only one pack.

Sometimes with add-ons, implementation services or support.

Concerning pricing, we distinguish 2 approaches:

  • Simplicity: some companies have extremely simple pricing, such as those who put their prices online (there are generally a few elements that make the prices vary).
  • Complexity: and others have a well elaborated pricing that is in an Excel somewhere. An Excel that has to be used by the sales people.

Offer 2

Harmonization and migration.

Over the last few years, your product and prices have evolved: you have developed new features or services, redesigned your packages, raised or lowered your prices and maybe even changed your metrics (e.g. /user/month) and your discount policy. It's normal, you are evolving.

Meanwhile, you have been acquiring customers and have reached an uncomfortable situation: a significant number of customers are not on your current plans and prices.

Our team will provide a migration plan in line with your growth objectives.

It is necessary to create a fairer situation for both you and your customers in order to avoid too much churn or bad press.

This plan includes the implementation strategy (phasing, communication plan) and will be supported by business cases that simulate the impact on your ARR and churn.

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