Build and improve your pricing with Priceit.

At Pricing Pact, we have invested in research and development to make pricing feel like child's play.

We have developed Priceit : a digital toolbox that combines power and ease of use. No more guesswork, take your pricing-decisions by using the right data.

A handy toolbox.

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General tools

Tools to get off to a good start.

  • Calculate the impact that price changes can have on profitability.
  • Know which approach to take: should you base your prices on your costs, your competitors or price sensitivity of your customer segments?
  • Develop your pricing strategy over a 3 to 5 years timespan, align with your objectives on sales, market share and profitability.
Des outils pratiques vous permettent d'y voir plus clair, rapidement.
The right approach

Use our tools to master the 3 main approaches to pricing, without making mistakes.

  • Cost+ pricing: establish pricing based on costs- and profitability objectives. Consider both variable and fixed costs and try several mark-up strategies.
  • Competitor-based pricing: align your pricing based on your competitors. Analyse and position products and services without making mistakes: in most cases, it is not necessary to be the cheapest. Being the cheapest can negatively impact your image and profitability.
  • Value-Based Pricing: measure and analyse price sensitivity of your (potential) customers. Quantify the value they get from using your offering and identify which customer segments value your products or services the most.
Dans la plupart des cas, pour prendre la bonne décision, il est préférable de combiner ces 3 approches. Avec Priceit, cela devient enfin possible.
Specifics tools

Your case is unique.
Those specifics tools will please you.

  • Do you charge by the hour or by the day? Priceit has a tool to help you improve your pricing and helps you calculate the impact on your turnover and profitability.
  • Do you have a subscription-based business (e.g. a SaaS, Maas or a gym)? PriceIt allows you to develop a suitable pricing model containing several rules to allow price differentiation based on for example: sales volume, characteristics of payment terms or duration of a commitment.
  • Do you offer product or service packages? Priceit allows you to build a price model around these packs without any mistake!
  • Do you want to develop a pricingpage for your website? PriceIt allows you to: develop a pricing page that allow for clear communication towards your customers without having a too simplistic price model.
  • Do you manufacture products and you want to calculate their cost price? You can easily do so with PriceIt.
  • Are you thinking of giving discounts to your customers or implement price reductions? PriceIt helps you by calculating the impact on profitability and assesses the effort to compensate for monetary losses. All too often, we find that discounts are excessive or even unnecessary.
Priceit est une véritable boîte à outils : utilisez le ou les outils dont vous avez besoin quand vous en avez besoin.

Ease of use and quality support.

We have developed a whole series of elements to guarantee ease of use and speed of use while making the user experience pleasant:

  • A guided tour to facilitate your control the toolbox.
  • Access to our blog which contains explanatory and inspiring content.
  • Tutorials to explain how to best use the different modules in PriceIt.
  • You will be able to work on several versions of your price models to compare them and make decisions more easily.
  • Do you like visuals? So do we. We designed graphs and color codes to make scenarios and their impact easy to understand.
  • Notifications will notify or remind you on what's new.
  • You will be able to work as a team: whether it’s members of your organization or external advisors (your accountant, a coach or a consultant). Given the importance of pricing, we recommend that you set your prices as a team.
  • Use our chat room to ask your questions to our team of experts.
  • We can recommend PriceIt-Certified partners (accountant, coach or consultants).

“PriceIt is the tool I needed. Within a few weeks I knew what my customers were willing to pay for my products. Due to changes in my price-setting, revenues jumped 20% and profitability increased 50% during the course of one year.”

Accountants | Incubators | Accelerators | Investment funds | Marketing professors

Recommended by accountants and consultants.

"Priceit allows my clients to make better pricing decisions through calculating the impact on their profitability with ease and accuracy."
Camille, chartered accountant

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Frequently asked questions.

Who is it for?

Priceit has been designed for small companies:
- Freelancers, self-employed and companies between 1 to 50 employees.
- Whether they are in start-up, growth, stable or decline phase.
- B2B companies and B2C companies.
- companies selling products, software or services, whether traditional or innovative.
- companies that sell one-off, packages or subscriptions.

Contact us to find out if Priceit fits your needs.

When can I start using Priceit?

Priceit is in beta version, i.e. it is not yet available to everyone.

Nearly 400 self-employed people and entrepreneurs have been able to use Priceit exclusively through our privileged partners.

Every month we accept new users.
Contact us to be added to the list. We will contact you within 48 hours (2 working days) to tell you here you are on the list and when you can have your Priceit account.

I don't have any customers and turnover yet.
Can Priceit help me?

Yes, you will need to establish your rates before you start talking to your potential customers.

Priceit is the right tool to guide your thinking: setting prices at the beginning of your project or business can be a complex and daunting task where mistakes at this stage will be extremely harmful to the viability of the company.

Priceit allows you to refine your financial plan by making simulations using different pricing assumptions.

You can even use Priceit to measure price sensitivity of your potential customers while your product or service is not finished yet.
Our software is equipped with tools and explanatory content to help you do this.

I have an innovative project with little competition.
Can Priceit be useful for me?

Yes, Priceit is the tool that allows you to do what we call pricing research.

It is the toolbox to allow you to measure the price sensitivity of your potential customers while your product or service is not even finished yet.
Priceit is equipped with tools and explanatory content to help you. In case of doubt, one of our experts will be able to advise on how to proceed.

With Priceit, you can refine your financial plan by running simulations with different price assumptions. Priceit will help you estimate the viability of your project.Priceit is the right tool to guide your thinking: setting prices at the beginning of your project or business can be a complex and daunting task where mistakes at this stage will be extremely harmful to the viability of the company.

I'm an accountant, consultant or coach. Can I use Priceit to help my clients?

Yes, we have a version of Priceit especially designed for accountants, consultants and coaches who aim to help their clients improve their profitability through better pricing.
In this dedicated version, you will have access to fictitious projects that will inspire you and make it easier for you to help your clients.

We will train you to use this version of Priceit and you will be referenced as a trained partner.

Contact us for more information.

I am a professor in marketing, sales or entrepreneurship. Can I use PriceIt for my classes?

Yes, we work with several colleges and universities who train tomorrow's entrepreneurs and leaders.
With Priceit, professors teach pricing strategies and techniques more effectively. They can rely on a variety of fictitious projects which will provide practical tools to their students.

Contact us for more information.

“The tool I needed"

I was able to make better decisions about my offer and pricing to ensure profitability through working with customers who value my products.