3 services to improve your abilities
in price-setting.

Contact us to find out which one would suit you best.
Pricing Score

A clear view on your pricing: a 360° diagnose of your pricing performance.

  • Get a clearer picture of your pricing strengths and weaknesses and establish the basis for an action plan towards better profitability.
  • You will receive a report and an estimation of the impact of the proposed improvements on your profitability and growth.
  • The process consists of 6 steps combining key data analysis and interviews with the people involved in the development and defence of your pricing.
  • The Pricing diagnose takes 1 to 4 weeks.

Greater impact through training and coaching.

  • Based on the Pricing Score, we will coach and train you throug a series of personalized workshops.
  • These 2 to 4 hours workshops are tailor-made for you: they are adapted to your situation and skills in pricing.
  • We can facilitate these workshops for several members of your team.
  • They take place over a period of 4 to 12 weeks.
  • At the end of the training, you will feel more confident in taking pricing decisions autonomously and you will have a skillset to good decision-making throughout the pricing process.

Count on us to define your pricing strategy and execute your pricing mission.

  • Measure the perceived value and price sensitivity of your customers.
  • Analyze competitor’s prices.
  • Establish and optimize your pricing model.
  • Develop specific pricing tools.
  • Develop price-specific analyses, dashboards and reports.
We build a 360° diagnosis of your pricing performance.
We treat the 12 fundemantele pillars in pricing with the Pricing Score.
You receive your Pricing Score in less than one month.
We carry out our coaching workshops and consultancy assignments in less than 3 months.
A wealth of choice: At Pricing Pact we have developed more than 40 specific workshops on pricing.
Pricing Score

We build a 360° diagnosis on the way you set and manage prices and we identify your weak points and suggest improvements.

Your Pricing Score will allow you to know:

  • If your pricing strategy is in line with your growth objectives.
  • How sensitive your business is to price changes.
  • The impact of increased focus on pricing over time.
  • Whether your pricing model is sufficiently developed.
  • Whether you adopt the right approach and method to pricing.
  • If you have the right data available.
  • If the analysis of these data is correct.
  • If you communicate adequatly about your prices.
  • If your team needs to be trained or completed.
  • If the processes and frequency of price reviews support your pricing priorities.
  • If you have the right pricing tools.
  • If the discipline rules in place are the right ones

During this phase, you will receive scenarios with the quantification of the impacts of your changes.


We strengthen your knowledge and skills with tailor-made workshops. At the end of the coaching sessions, you know:

  • How to save time when drawing up your prices.
  • How to avoid classic mistakes.
  • How to collect crucial data.
  • How to dig deeper into your analyses and gain valuable insights.
  • How to improve communication on pricing decisions to your shareholders.
  • How to improve collaboration with members of the marketing, sales, finance and product teams.

At Pricing Pact, we have developed over 40 workshops that cover a multitude of subjects in the pricing domain.

Based on your Pricing Score, we will select and customize between 1 and 5 workshops to train the key people in your company. The duration of a workshop lies between 2 and 4 hours.

We will run the series of workshops over a period of 4 to 12 weeks to give you time to apply what you have learned.


Tailor-made missions, carried out by our experts.

Our experts can carry out a whole range of strategic thinking, analysis and development for you. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what they can do:

  • Measure the perceived value of your customers.
  • Measure your customers' price sensitivity and willingness to pay.
  • Analyze your competitors' prices.
  • Establish and optimize your pricing model.
  • Develop specific tools.
  • Perform advanced price analysis.
  • Develop specific reports and dashboards
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