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A question that is worth its weight in gold.

What is the right price?

The answer is seemingly simple: the right price is the one your customers are willing to pay for what you offer.

However, knowing exactly what their acceptance thresholds are and understanding whether they are influenceable can be complex.

The exercise is even more complex when you have to deal with elements that can vary over time (for example: costs and competition).

We are here to help you.

Find out what you thought was impossible to get.

You are no longer alone facing this headache.

What if you could analyze the price sensitivity of your customers?
Here are our 3 offers to gain visibility:

Offer 1

Price sensitivity measures and analysis of your customers.

Are you wondering if your prices are too high or too low?
This is one of the questions we are often asked and we answer: "the answer is in the head of your customers!"
It is essential to be able to measure the price sensitivity of your customers or potential customers.

  • Accurate volume, revenue and profit potential curves in function of price.
  • Identification of important psychological thresholds.
  • Identification of price inelasticity zones.
  • Comparative analyses between several customer segments and identification of the most and least price sensitive segments.

Our experts have mastered the techniques to extract this valuable information from the heads of your prospects and customers.

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Offer 2

Simulations of the financial impacts of your pricing strategies.

By measuring price sensitivity, we enrich the data you already have at your disposal.

We allow you to explore a multitude of scenarios of price and sales volume changes in order to better see the financial impacts that these changes could have in the short or long term.

Whether it is at the level of your products, categories or your entire company, you will see the impact on

  • Sales volume
  • Turnover
  • Profitability (in € or %)
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Offer 3

Measure the perceived value of your prospects and customers.

One of the most powerful approaches to pricing is to establish a price based on the perceived value of customers.

This exercise can be very complex in practice when there is a wide variety of customers with different backgrounds, expectations and budgets.

Finding the right balance between value and price for your customers will improve your marketing, sales and value proposition efforts: you will sell faster and ensure that your customers are continually satisfied.

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The power of the right price

Find the right balance.

We accompany companies towards a better financial performance thanks to the discovery of new equilibriums around their prices.

The price sensitivity curves lead to one of these 3 conclusions (sometimes, the combination of the 3):

  • In some cases we realize that it is possible to increase the price of certain products without too much risk of losing customers.
  • In others we discover that the price has reached a ceiling and that other strategies must be found to improve profits.
  • Finally, in other cases, we demonstrate that a price reduction will have the desired effect on increasing sales volume and turnover.
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