Pricing Pact for B2B SaaS:
A tool to drive sales team efficiency by delivering the right offer to every prospect

Win more deals with personalized offers your prospects can't ignore


If your proposals don't include personalized offers, you're losing deals that should be won.

Generic proposals get lost in the prospect's inbox
Rigid pricing doesn't make sens for the prospect, making them stall in the sales process
A lack of visibility for your team makes it hard to manage leads and build trust
A disorganized process with multiple tools makes it hard to scale your sales team's time

More personalization doesn't have to mean more works.

With Pricing Pact's interactive pricing and proposal tool, your sales team can personalize and configure offers quickly.


Pricing Pact is one tool that gives you end-to-end control on all open deals, making it easy to send, track and close with new prospects.

Increase your win rate

Leverage industry best practices in packaging offers to send deals with price structures your prospects can't ignore.

Save time and drive efficiency

Deliver more relevant offers to each prospect, shortening the sales cycle and streamlining your sales team's efforts.

Enable flexibility among your sales team

Quickly build an offer based on unique requirements, and easily adjust as needed.

Build trust with prospects from the beginning

Ensure you’re tracking essential information about every prospect to help deliver success across their entire journey.

Scale your sales team's capacity

Consolidate your sales tools into one dynamic platform that helps you close more deals in less time.

Pricing Pact is more than a proposal or sales pipeline tool - it's the machine that helps your sales team fire on all cylinders. If you're not confident you're doing everything to ensure the deal closes, book a demo today.


Every prospect is different. That means every proposal should be different.

Don't worry - we've got you covered. Pricing Pact makes it easy and fast to configure every proposal with irresistible, personalized offers.

Simple templates to personalize every offer

Easily configure offers based on your prospect's unique needs and drive up your close rates

Visibility into prospect engagement

Stay on top of your pipeline to forecast accurately and maximize every opportunity

Relationship tracking to manage and build trust with each customer

Track essential information about every prospect to build trust and deliver success across their entire journey - from acquisition to renewal to upsell

Automated pipeline tools to track every offer

Get real-time notifications to drive key follow up with your prospects at the right time

Generic proposals and manual follow-up isn't going to cut it anymore. Book a demo today and equip your sales team to quickly personalize every offer and close more deals.


To stay competitive in today's market, you need more than generic proposals and rigid pricing. But your sales team can't afford to waste time trying to personalize every offer...

With pressure to acquire more customers and close more deals, sales teams are faced with a challenge: they have to make offers feel personal while producing new deals at a competitively high rate.

It's hard to do. Your sales teams is already stretched thin. And it's frustrating to spend so much effort on offers yet still not win the deals you should win. We get it.

Pricing Pact makes it simple to streamline the process of delivering the perfect offer on every deal. Our interactive tool helps you price each deal creatively, creating an irresistible offer your prospects can't ignore. You'll be able to track relevant moments in the sales journey and build meaningful reliationships with prospects from day one.

With Pricing Pact, you'll close more deals and drive efficiency. Book your demo today.


We believe every deal should be a win-win for everyone.

Our clients think the same.

"It was much easier to visualize what we were building and where we were going with our pricing models."

Logo de notre client Pastoo
Benjamin Cantineau
Business Partner chez Pastoo

"The package building tool has been a great help. It is built around the different levels of perceived value and the relative importance placed by our customers on the value attributes of our offering; a great help in building our offering! "

CEO chez BubbleLab

"When we found out about your perceived value modeling methodology, we thought hallelujah! We had never seen a method like this and it's exactly what we needed."

Kevin Muller
CEO chez Passbolt

"Pricing Pact has been very helpful to our start-ups in their search for a good pricing model. They are a great partner that I recommend because they manage to put their expertise at the service of entrepreneurs with great passion and efficiency."

Olivier Witmeur
Deputy Dean for Executive Education & Entrepreneurship @Solvay - Professor of Entrepreneurship

"finance& supports an innovative tech solution to optimally define the selling price which often remains difficult to understand and implement. A significant asset that allows an entrepreneur to become a better entrepreneur because the price remains a crucial element to do business."

Pierre Hermant
CEO de finance.invest

Helping companies like these win more deals with smart, personalized offers.

Reimagine your sales process with the one tool that helps you close.

Consolidate your sales tools and optimize efficiency

Scale up the capacity of your sales team

Drive revenue and win more deals


More personalization shouldn't require more work. Pricing Pact equips your team to quickly and easily create unique offers that win more deals.