As an advisor, you already help dozens to hundreds of companies each year on their financial, accounting or growth needs.

You are:

Pricing problem SPOTTED
Spotting the pricing problem is a great first step.

You know that a good pricing strategy can make a significant difference in your clients’ business growth. However, when you review or challenge their financial and business plans you often spot major pricing problems which led to poor results such as:

How to give the right advice?

After challenging your customers on their prices, you struggle to give the right advice: where to start? What data to collect? How to do it? How to get relevant insights out of it? What is the right decision? How often should the price be reviewed?The struggle is real.

We noted that most advisors encourage a cost-plus or competitive approach and do not even consider the value-based pricing approach, which is often the right one for a new business.

impactful advice
Sometimes, a few pieces of advice can completely change the future of an entrepreneur.

At Pricing Pact, we have years of experience in pricing. We've seen so many freelancers, start-ups and SMEs struggle with their pricing, make wrong decisions and fail because of pricing mistakes. Sometimes a few minutes of advice can lead to great changes.

We are proud to have revived the growth of SMEs and to have avoided bankruptcies.We are proud to have helped innovative companies not to underprice or to have avoided huge investments in projects that wouldn't be viable.

More than ever, we believe that every business should be properly helped on its pricing and should have access to quality advice and support.

BE a Hero
Bring additional value to your clients with these new capabilities.

We teach you how to:

01. Trainings

Join one of our training sessions dedicated to advisors.

During our training you'll learn so much in a record time with:

  • A little bit of theory
  • Many use cases
  • A lot of interactivity
  • PriceIt, our pricing software
  • Networking
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02. PriceIt

Go digital: use PriceIt.

We've made pricing easy for you: PriceIt is a unique digital solution for advisors. We know that time is precious to you, that you have a lot to do, and that you have to deal with dozens or hundreds of different clients every year.

With PriceIt, you can now challenge and efficiently guide your clients on their pricing approach in a few minutes and without being a pricing expert.

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Discover PriceIt
  • Master the 12 fundamental pricing pillars.
  • Use a set of useful tools to help build a pricing model.
  • Understand the fundamentals of Value-Based Pricing and show psychological tricks.

PriceIt automatically diagnoses what is wrong with your customer's approach. For each client, you'll be able to give him/her the right direction, taking into account his/her own situation and objectives.

  • Measure the pricing score to identify what is good or wrong with the approach, pillar by pillar.
  • Build an action plan with your client.
  • Follow-up and encourage.
03. Collaborate & animate
  • Invite your customers as guests so they can improve their pricing skills.
  • Lead pricing workshops with dozens of participants.
PriceIt is a powerful solution based on years of experience in helping the self-employed, start-ups, expanding companies and SMEs.